College and CoachMakers set Felix on the path to a successful career

Weston College works with CoachMakers to deliver a range of coaching and activity leadership courses, including the Advanced Apprenticeship in PE and School Sport.

CoachMakers is a Bristol-based organisation, which runs a range of courses for the sport, active leisure, health and well-being sector.

Felix is studying the Advanced Apprenticeship in PE and School Sport while being employed by Future Stars Coaching – an organisation that works with schools, local authorities and sports clubs to deliver a wide range of services.

We spoke with Felix to find out more about his apprenticeship.

Why did you decide to study an apprenticeship with Coachmakers?
I wanted to complete an apprenticeship which would lead into a job with prospects. The apprenticeship has enabled me to me to earn a wage whilst learning a valuable trade which can lead to lots of rewarding career pathways.

Why did you choose to study coaching rather than sport in general?
I’d always been passionate about studying sport, but then my mum came across the apprenticeship and met the Future Stars team. She had nothing but praise for their professionalism, passion and attitude. Once I met the team, this was immediately obvious and I instantly knew this was the right apprenticeship for me. They go at my pace and are really keen on career progression. Speaking with them made me realise that there was a connection.

What does Future Stars Coaching do?
My employer, Future Stars Coaching, is a sports coaching and mentoring organisation that works with sports clubs and over 50 schools in North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire to deliver a wide range of services. We offer bespoke sports programmes and activities to suit the needs of each audience.

What are the top three skills you need to be a coach?
You need to be a positive role model, which I think involves confidence, strong leadership and good communication skills. At first I wasn’t sure if I was confident enough. However, after just seven months, I felt 100% more comfortable and confident, thanks to Coachmaker’s support.

The support I’ve had from Coachmakers has been amazing. Vicki, who is a tutor/assessor, and the rest of the team have been really helpful. I’ve had lots of one-to-one sessions and meetings to catch-up and check that everything is going well. They’re very responsive and it’s clear that they care a lot about their apprentices.

What makes Coachmakers stand out?
The regular meetings also serve as reviews to help me improve my skills. They don’t just care about results; they want you succeed, which makes the whole operation really suited to apprentices.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of applying?
I recently went to an apprenticeship day, where I spent time speaking to potential apprentices. It was great to hear their thoughts and ideas as well as answering questions based on my experiences. This mainly linked back to the confidence I’ve developed and went along the lines of: “If you’re not sure, it’s definitely worth giving it a go!”

What aspect of your course has been the most memorable or enjoyable?
I’ve really enjoyed working with the other apprentices. Coming together and sharing our experiences as been amazing. We learn a lot from one another, which has been really beneficial.

As well as partnering with Coachmakers, Weston College has also developed a purpose-built sporting facility: The Health and Active Living Centre

What impact do you think this investment will have on the College’s range of sports-related courses?
I think it speaks for the quality of the courses when you see how much time and money has been invested. If I was a thinking of studying sport at the College, it would definitely fill me with confidence. It shows that sport isn’t just being disregarded or ‘pushed aside’.

What’s your next step and what are your career aims?
I am pleased to say that my employer has agreed to take me on as a junior coach! I plan to progress to be a lead coach in the future.


Thanks for your time Felix, and congratulations on your recent employment. Everyone at Weston College wishes you the best for the future.

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