Learners experience mock interviews | Weston College

Learners experience mock interviews

Level 3 Business students at Weston College have taken part in mock job interviews to build confidence and prepare for life after college.

In all, 68 students were interviewed for business and animal care-related ‘roles’ including:

  • Animal keeper
  • Dog groomer
  • Vet nurse
  • Rehoming co-ordinator
  • Event manager
  • Finance apprentice
  • HR assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Project management apprentice.

Students who performed best were given awards – as were those who produced the best CVs.

Dani Lloyd, Employability and Progression Officer, said: “Dedicating time to offer our learners a mock interview gives them an invaluable opportunity to practice their skills and build their confidence.

“Our learners demonstrated their preparation, with some highly impressive performances – especially as this was a first attempt at a job interview for many.

“I am very grateful to my colleagues from Student Services, UCW, WIN and Training Solutions for supporting this process.”

One of the award winners, Finlay, said: “I ‘applied’ for a Project Management post as this is a role I see myself doing in the future.

“On the interview day I was very nervous, but the interviewer made me feel welcome, which allowed me to be a bit more confident. This helped me to recognise how interviews in industry may make me feel. The experience was good and helped me to develop the skills in need in future interviews.”

These thoughts were echoed by the winner of best business-related CV, Luke, who said: “I felt as if I was in a real interview, which allowed me to test myself under pressure.

“Another positive is that I received feedback afterwards, which is very useful for the future as I know where I need to improve.”

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