Visual Impairment

Weston College's purpose-built visual impairment resource centre at the Knightstone Campus has been specifically equipped with the most up-to-date resources.

Following referal, a full visual impairment assessment is completed to identify the support and training required. The support programme could include:

  • One-to-one tuition
  • Specialist support
  • Equipment training
  • Software training, E.G. ZoomText magnification
  • Hardware training
  • Specialist assistive equipment
  • Differentiation of course materials, books, and virtual learning environment
  • Staff training, ensuring the teaching and learning environment is differentiated

What support do we offer?

We have a well-resourced sensory impairment provision here at Weston College. Our experienced staff are available to assist with enabling and assistive technology; we provide extensive training in its use and practical tips and strategies on how to use these in class, revision and research.

Our aim is to encourage and enable independence and provide you with a rewarding and enjoyable experience of study, including accessing the wider experiences of college life, we can support you to access the enrichment and cultural activities on offer.

Should you require orientation around College and routes from public transport our Specialist Support Instructor will discuss this with you and arrange the most appropriate support.

Individualised support can be arranged depending on your needs, this could be a combination of in class support to enable you to access vocational sessions, one-to-one support sessions to support your academic study and one-to-one sessions with a specialist support instructor to work with you to develop strategies and learn study skills.

We have staff qualified to provide diagnostic assessments and exam access arrangements.

Our learners are encouraged to be fully involved in developing their support programmes.

Learner feedback

Feedback from learners on an Access to HE course:

"With a big thanks to the visual impairment officer at Weston College, I now have access to facilities that are enabling me to access my studies easily. I have been issued with a laptop with ZoomText magnification software on it, which has made life a lot easier in relation to word processing, accessing the internet and reading large text. In addition, I have a Victor Reader which enables me to sit and listen to books rather than strain my eyes and have to read them. Large print handouts have been issued in all my subjects, which make things a lot easier, as I do prefer to have a hard copy as well as listen..."

Feedback from a learner studying counselling:

"Knowing that Weston College had a specialist member of staff to support visually impaired learners was the reason I plucked up the courage to firstly talk to someone who may understand my needs. As a result of this I have completed a Level 1 and Level 3 course in Counselling and will be progressing to a Level 3 course next. The support is easily accessible and the specialist tutoring has been a huge benefit. I would say that if you want to study at Weston College do call them as they are really helpful"

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