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September 2019
1 Year
Course code C1CACPF1KN

Caring for Children, Certificate

What will I do on this study programme?

On this study programme you will gain a broad understanding of the Childcare sector and start to develop the knowledge and skills you will need you may attend a work placement to experience real work practice and demonstrate your skills.

You will cover a number of units, which will include: Planning a safe childcare environment, providing an activity to encourage children to eat healthily, providing a childrens creative activity,providing a childrens physical activity and supporting childrens learning through everyday experiences..We will also work with you to develop your English and maths skills to the level that most employers look for.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through written coursework, presentations and practical experiences.

What options do I have after successfully completing?

This study programme is a stepping stone to further education at Level 2, a traineeship or an apprenticeship; however the personal, social and work skills that you will gain will support your employment opportunities in all areas.

Entry Requirements

A genuine interest in working with people is an absolute necessity. You do not need any academic qualifications to start at Level 1 but you must be reliable, motivated and caring.

Occupations related to Caring for Children, Certificate


Primary or nursery education teaching professional

Primary (and middle school deemed primary) and nursery education teaching professionals plan, organise and provide instruction to children at all levels up to the age of entry into secondary education.

Average annual earnings: £41,321
Employment in region: 10,365 positions

Special needs education teaching professional

Special needs education teaching professionals organise and provide instruction at a variety of different levels to children who have emotional, behavioural or learning difficulties or physical disabilities. These professionals may also work with exceptionally gifted pupils.

Average annual earnings: £41,672
Employment in region: 1,813 positions

Nursery nurse or assistant

Nursery nurses and assistants care for children from birth up to seven years of age in day or residential nurseries, children’s homes, maternity units and similar establishments.

Average annual earnings: £15,249
Employment in region: 3,495 positions
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What Our Students Say

Jasmine Cardwell, Early Years

Jasmine Cardwell

“The course has provided me with the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and meet lots of new people”

Former school: Worle

Course: Early Years

What next? Bethan achieved A*, A, B and will progress onto the UAL Foundation Art and Design degree at University Centre Weston.

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