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September 2019
2 Years
Course code ALFREND1LC

French, A Level

What will I do on this A Level?

You will develop confident, effective communication skills in French and a thorough understanding of the culture of countries and communities where French is native. You will be given the opportunity to go on our popular trip to Marseille in order to put your learning into practice and learn about French culture.

Study subjects include: understanding native speakers in spoken and written materials; developing your confidence in self-expression and essay writing; cultural aspects of French-speaking society relevant to young people today such as lifestyle, music, cinema and literature.

How will I be assessed?

Exams in your second year.

What could I do after this A Level?

Speaking another language is highly valued by many universities and employers and can be combined with a number of subjects, leading to careers such as business, tourism, international law, journalism, media or engineering.

Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 and above, including English and maths, and grade 6 or above in French.

Course Level

Level 3

Category & Subject Area

A Levels Courses for 16 to 18-year-olds


Loxton campus

iAn interview is required for this course.

Occupations related to French, A Level


Social or humanities scientist

Social and humanities scientists study and analyse human behaviour and the origin, structure and characteristics of language; undertake research in areas such as sociology, economics, politics, archaeology, history, philosophy, literature, the arts; organise the collection of qualitative and quantitative information, and perform subsequent analyses.

Average annual earnings: £29,894
Employment in region: 294 positions

Natural or social science professional n.e.c.

Jobholders in this unit group perform a variety of scientific research and related activities not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 211: Natural and Social Science Professionals.

Average annual earnings: £32,000
Employment in region: 1,093 positions

Author, writer or translator

Job holders in this unit group write, edit and evaluate literary material for publication excluding material for newspapers, magazines and other periodicals but including scripts and narrative for film, TV, radio and computer games and animations; and translate spoken and written statements into different languages.

Average annual earnings: £35,802
Employment in region: 540 positions

What Our Students Say

Naomi Race, A Level - Psychology, sociology and English

Naomi Race

“The college has opened up a load of new experiences and enabled me to try new things”

Former school: Broadoak

A Levels: Psychology, sociology and English

What next? Naomi achieved three As and will progress to study English and sociology at Leeds University.

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