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September 2019
2 Years
Course code ALMATD1LC

Mathematics, A Level

What will I do on this A Level?

On this course, you will add depth to your GCSE knowledge. Not only will you learn mathematical processes which will enable you to work in high-level industries (such as engineering, sciences, finance and computing), but you will learn how to spot and solve more complex real-life problems with confidence.

The core units of the course look at numerical calculations, algebra, trigonometry, logarithms and calculus, covering a wide range of mathematical problems which will improve your problem-solving skills. You will also study compulsory content in statistics and mechanics which will enable you to apply the pure maths in contextualised settings.

How will I be assessed?

You will sit exams in your second year.

What could I do after this A Level?

You could apply to study a range of subjects at degree-level including physics, engineering, computing and maths.

Entry Requirements

Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English, and grade 6 or above in maths.

Course Level

Level 3

Category & Subject Area

A Levels Courses for 16 to 18-year-olds


Loxton campus

iAn interview is required for this course.

Occupations related to Mathematics, A Level


Actuary, economist or statistician

Jobholders in this unit group apply theoretical principles and practical techniques to assess risk and formulate probabilistic outcomes in order to inform economic and business policy, and to analyse and interpret data used to assist in the formulation of financial, business and economic policies in order to maximise growth or improve business performance.

Average annual earnings: £42,666
Employment in region: 538 positions

What Our Students Say

Naomi Race, A Level - Psychology, sociology and English

Naomi Race

“The college has opened up a load of new experiences and enabled me to try new things”

Former school: Broadoak

A Levels: Psychology, sociology and English

What next? Naomi achieved three As and will progress to study English and sociology at Leeds University.

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