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Maintaining a Tenancy, Award (FLF)

The Responsible Tenant Passport digital course is a new initiative supported by North Somerset Council designed to provide standardised advice and guidance for tenants and would be tenants.

The passport is highly respected with landlords and its successful completion will demonstrate to landlords that you understand your rights and responsibilities. It is particularly suitable for those already in rented accommodation (whether this is social housing or privately rented), those wishing to enter rented accommodation or students renting for the first time.

This course will cover:

  • Budgeting, financial products, universal credit & how to avoid debt
  • Rights and responsibilities of a tenant
  • Tenancy agreements, eviction and what a local housing register is
  • Being a good neighbour
  • Fire safety, security advice, cleaning & maintenance
  • Healthy living and the impact of homelessness

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Tuesday 15/01/2019
Tuesday 12/02/2019
Tuesday 05/03/2019
Tuesday 09/04/2019
Tuesday 07/05/2019
Tuesday 28/05/2019

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