The Positive Impact of T Levels on Businesses

T Levels are the future of technical education, designed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical workplace experience. These two-year courses offer students a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills that are directly relevant to their chosen industry. At Weston College, there are 13 different T Level courses on offer, spanning from Education & Early Years to Engineering & Manufacturing, and Construction, plus many more. 

Weston College are the largest provider of T Levels in the region, and on results day in August, an 100% pass rate was achieved by our learners.

One of the standout features of T Levels is the industry placement, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the learner's understanding of the real-world workplace. There are a huge number of benefits of industry placements, and the results show a positive impact on the employers and their business. 

T Levels are tailored to the specific needs of industries and provide students with a deep understanding of their chosen field. When businesses host T Level learners for industry placements, they contribute to the development of a more skilled and job-ready workforce. Employers can actively shape the future workforce by imparting industry-specific knowledge and skills to the next generation. Some of the fantastic employers we already work with include national employers such as the NHS, regional employers such as Wessex Water, and local SMEs. These employers have recognised the untapped talent that can be provided to the business, and were first in line to experience it. 

One example is one of the largest financial employers in the UK, who had five T Level students on placement last year. The students made such a positive impression that the employer has given four of those students a job offer to work for them when they finish their course. That’s proof that T Levels work.  

Recruiting and training new employees can be an expensive and time-consuming process. When businesses provide T Level learners with industry placements, they are effectively getting to know potential future employees. This hands-on experience allows employers to assess the learner's aptitude, work ethic, and compatibility with the company culture. This reduces the risk of making poor hiring decisions and can ultimately lead to cost savings in recruitment and training. 

T Level learners bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to businesses. They often have a strong theoretical foundation and can apply their classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Employers benefit from the infusion of new ideas and approaches, which can lead to improved processes, products, or services. 

Students on industry placements are highly motivated to learn and make a positive impression. Employers often find that T Level learners contribute to increased productivity by taking on tasks and projects with enthusiasm. Their energy and eagerness to learn can inspire and motivate existing employees, creating a positive work environment. 

Hosting T Level learners on industry placements is an excellent way to identify and nurture potential talent for the future. Businesses can establish a pipeline of skilled and knowledgeable workers who are already familiar with their operations and industry. This can lead to more seamless onboarding and faster integration of new employees when they transition from students to full-time workers. 

T Levels offer substantial advantages to both businesses and learners. By providing industry placements to T Level learners, employers can help shape a skilled and job-ready workforce, reduce recruitment costs, introduce fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, enhance productivity, create a talent pipeline, contribute to corporate social responsibility, and align with government initiatives. 

The positive impact of T Levels on businesses is a win-win scenario, benefiting both employers and the future workforce. Encouraging more employers to pledge to have T Level learners on placement with them is not just a sound business decision but also a valuable investment in the growth and prosperity of industries and communities. 

Throughout the month of November, we have set ourselves the challenge of receiving 150 T Level pledges from business owners and employers just like you. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to change the future of your business through an industry placement - click here to find out more. 

We look forward to working with you! 

Dave Crew, Head of Business Growth & Employer Partnerships 

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