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We Raised £3,947.04 during RAG Week!


We are proud to announce the remarkable success of our recent RAG Week, where staff and students across all campuses united in a week-long effort to raise funds for charity. RAG Week, short for "raising and giving," saw an impressive total of £3,947.04 raised, thanks to those that kindly donated! 

During this week, participants engaged in a variety of activities and events aimed at supporting charitable causes. This year, we selected two charities to benefit from the funds raised: YoungMinds, a mental health support charity for young people and Weston Hospicecare, our local charity that cares for people with life-limiting illnesses.  

This year, nearly 100 Public Services learners and staff showcased their commitment to our charity week by organising and participating in a marathon run along the seafront. Collectively, they covered 26 miles while dressed up as Spartans and other fun clothing and raising an impressive £921.90 for charity! 

Public services students posing on the seafront just before setting off on their run

In addition, the Student Experience Team at Weston College had an extraordinary initiative for this year's RAG Week - to host the Olympics! Transforming the campus reception with vibrant decorations reflecting the spirit of the Olympics. Everyone was greeted with a delightful array of cakes and cookies, sold to support charitable causes. Adding to the festive atmosphere, members of the team were dressed in sportswear attire! 

the C.I.S team standing with their self made tinsel olympic rings

Eve Tullett, Weston College's Student Participation Officer, played a pivotal role in organising RAG Week, ensuring its smooth execution. Eve has expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from staff and students, emphasising the impact of their collective efforts. "As my first year organising this cross-college event, it was really heart-warming to see learners and staff coming together to put on a vast range of events and activities in aid of charity”. 

"There were lots of innovative ideas, it was incredible to see so many learners and staff taking time out of their days to participate in activities which benefit the wider community”. 

Eve and the Student Executives gained insight into the impact of our fundraising during RAG week by visiting to Weston Hospicecare. They got to see how the funds raised are used within the hospice. Aleksandar, President of the Students' Union says “I found the visit to Weston Hospicecare very insightful, and I learnt a lot. It was nice to see where the money we raised during RAG goes to”.  

Vice President Izabella similarly explains “I entered the hospice with a huge stigma in my head and worries that it would be similar to a hospital, however I left feeling assured, knowing those accessing the hospice are surrounded by love”. Their reflections highlight the importance of community engagement and supporting organisations like Weston Hospicecare. Read more into the Student Union at Weston College here. 

Firstly, we want to thank Eve for her hard work and dedication in managing RAG Week – it has been truly outstanding. Thank you for your tireless efforts in making this event a success! 

And a massive thank you goes to all the staff and students for their generosity and dedication to raise such an incredible amount for spectacular causes! 


Please see below the list of winners for the RAG Week Awards 2024:


Best Dressed: 

Knightstone College Information Services (CIS) - in their own time, the staff even made their own costumes and props! 

Most Innovative Fundraising Idea: 

Early Years and Education – the Task Master style event 

Best Team Event: 

Carpentry – learners and staff excelled in their own idea to make benches from scratch for Ashcombe School! 

Best Team Player: 

Anne Draper (Social Action Apprentice) dedicated her time to commit to the ESOL penalty shootout and Early Years activities. 

Outstanding Contribution: 

Liz Greaves (Health and Safety) for her continuous effort to attend every RAG Week event and give generous donations. 

Most Funds Raised: 

Public Services – staff and learners raised an incredible £921.90 running 26 miles along the seafront! 

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