What is a traineeship?

We’ve all heard of work experience and apprenticeships.

But where do traineeships fit in with these employment-focused schemes?

Basically, a traineeship is a training programme that features work experience and often acts as a stepping stone to an apprenticeship. Trainees are often lacking English and maths qualifications, relevant training, or the experience required to gain their dream apprenticeship. A traineeship bridges the gap and is a great CV builder.

Traineeships are for 16 to 24-year-olds and are a fantastic way for young, motivated individuals to show employers that they are an ideal candidate.

We have seen many students progress rapidly from traineeships to apprenticeships with big firms such as GKN and Rolls Royce. This wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t completed their traineeship first.

Businesses can also reap a number of benefits from offering traineeships. Here are six:

• Traineeships allow you to select the best apprenticeship candidates for your business

• Trainees often become loyal employees

• Traineeships are fully funded by the government

• It is a cost effective method of recruiting new talent

• You can train a learner with the specific skills that your company is looking for

• Your current employees can gain experience managing trainees.

We often find that once a trainee has completed their programme, they are offered an apprenticeship by the same organisation. This shows the importance of taking a chance on someone whose CV doesn’t necessarily stand out.

Recruiting someone with the right attitude and motivation can be hard, but by offering a traineeship you can find the right character for your company.

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