Train or tram driver

Job holders in this unit group drive diesel, diesel-electric, electric and steam locomotives that transport passengers and goods on surface and underground railways, and transport passengers in trams.


  • May check travel passes, collect fares and deal with passenger queries.
  • May make passenger announcements and controls automatic doors.
  • Maintains radio contact with control centre.
  • Makes scheduled stops for the loading and unloading of freight and coupling/uncoupling of carriages and tubs.
  • Stops as directed to allow passengers to embark/ disembark.
  • Watches for track hazards, observes signals and temperature, pressure and other gauges.
  • Starts train or tram when directed and operates controls to regulate speed.
  • Checks safety equipment, regulates the heating of passenger compartments and records engine defects or unusual incidents on the journey.
  • Checks controls, gauges, brakes and lights before start of journey and studies route, timetable and track information.

Typical Education Level

Level 2 NVQ; GCSE at grades A*-C

Will retirement created job openings

In the UK, 9% in this profession are aged 55 or above.* They will likely retire in the next 10 years, creating a demand for new workers

*This is based on national data


Average annual earnings

The current average wage for train or tram driver is £51,773

343 positions

Current Employment

The number of jobs in the career for the current year is 343. Job counts include both employed and self-employed persons, and do not distinguish between full- and part-time jobs.


Job Postings

Over the past year, jobs have been posted for train or tram driver roles.

How well does it pay?

Normal pay for this occupation is £51,773 per year. That is about £4,314 per month or £26.55 per hour. New workers generally start on £33,904, while highly experienced workers can earn as much as £82,763

Is it growing or declining?

This career has remained the same over the last 2 years, and is expected to remain the same over the next 4 years. Currently, 343 people are employed in the region.

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