Students' Union

What is the Students' Union?

It represents you, entertains you and sticks up for you. Nearly every college and university has one and thousands of students are members. When you enrol at Weston College you’ll automatically join our Students' Union so you don’t even need to worry about filling out a form!

We’re here to support, represent you and give you a voice. We look after clubs and societies and give you plenty of fun along the way! Plus, because we’re tied to the National Union of Students, you can get an NUS card and all the benefits and discounts that come with it.

The NUS website has loads of NUS related info including campaigns, student life, education, help and advice. Check it out at

What’s so good about the Weston College Students' Union?

The Students' Union is:

  • Run by students for students
  • The College’s social hub
  • Gives independent advice
  • Stands up for your rights
  • Organises lots of fun activities and events
  • Gives you discounts at many of your favourite stores
  • Supports community charities and organisations.

We try to do something for everyone. The Freshers’ Fair and parties, campaigns and parties are all our handiwork – with the help of some volunteers. We are the people that put on trips for all students at the College.

The Students' Union is run by an executive team whose job it is to make your voice heard. Its members are voted in by students, so they’ll make sure your voice is heard!


For further details call the Student Union on 01934 411 411 ext. 355.

Student discount cards

The NUS Extra Card

This card offers added benefits of extra discounts locally, nationally and now, internationally. You can get savings of 5%, 10%, 20% and, occasionally, more at places like, Ticketmaster, Subway, Topman, the AA, Superdrug, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, McDonalds, Matalan, JJB Sports, Moss,, Office, Camp America and STA Travel, to name a few – and this list is constantly being updated.

The NUS Extra Card costs only £12 – a small price for a large range of savings – and can be purchased either online at or you can pop into the Student Services office at any campus.

For an additional £1.99, you can add on the ISIC (International Student Identity Card). This offers similar discounts globally, which means you can use the card for extra benefits and discounts overseas and internationally - this will definitely help with saving money on trips away with friends and family.

Check out for more details and added benefits from ISIC.

The Democracy Card

The NUS Democracy Card is available free of charge as an alternative to a local college or union card. If you have access to a student card through your union or college, you do not need a Democracy Card.

Only available through NUS-affiliated student unions, the Democracy Card provides a form of student ID. The card represents your membership of your local union allowing you to access local union facilities, enabling you to vote in your union elections and participate in NUS democratic events such as the annual conference.

The Democracy Card does not provide access to any discounts or special offers.

Your Democracy Card will also give you access to all of the information, advice and campaign updates available through

Democracy Cardholders also have the opportunity to register with and opt in to receive the monthly NUS e-newsletter with the latest information, advice and details of how to get involved in national campaigns.

How to get involved

The Weston College Students' Union exists to represent, entertain and stand up for you and, generally, help you make the most of your time here. Its executive team is a group of enthusiastic volunteers, comprising of officers and supporting officers.

Why join the Students' Union?

The Students' Union is here to:

  • Support and represent members
  • Facilitate clubs and societies
  • Provide cheap commercial services to members, of which the proceeds can be put back into support and representation.

Roles of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises members of Weston College Students' Union, and they stand for a position and represent all other members. There are many roles to apply for that aim to develop learners in many areas and enhance prospects when applying for jobs or university. The full executive team consists of 20 positions and each role holds its own commitments and responsibilities.

The election process - get involved!

The summer election month takes place around May, when students can apply and stand for the top positions, like President for example. The autumn elections follow at the start of each academic year, normally in October, and that is when the full executive team comes together. If you want to be part of the Executive team, contact the Student Liaison and Entitlement Officer on 01934 411411.

'Sign me up!'

When you enrol at Weston College you automatically become a member of the Union. Weston College Students' Union is one of the many affiliated to NUS, making you eligible for an NUS card and all of the benefits that brings.

Apply or find out more