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A qualification in beauty can unlock the door to a number of successful and lucrative jobs in the beauty industry.

Weston College has an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering beauty and complementary therapies qualifications, with many of our students going on to open their own salons and work in the industry.

People will always want to look and feel good.A career in the beauty industry combines the satisfaction of doing a job that has immediate results with lots of social interaction. The beauty industry is thriving all over the world, so a qualification in beauty could lead to a successful career anywhere!

There are many job opportunities available, for the right person. With a qualification in beauty, you will find job opportunities in high street salons, beauty clinics, health spas, hotels and on cruise ships. Another option is self-employment through setting up your own salon or working freelance - either from your home or by travelling to clients' homes. You will also be able to work in the fashion, theatre or media make-up industries, particularly with our Hair and Media Make-up Diploma. 

It doesn't matter if you're new to the subject or returning to education. ​We teach beauty from Level 1 to Level 4, which means that there is something on offer for those who are just starting their beauty career as well as those who are looking to specialise in an element of beauty such as airbrush make-up, camouflage make-up, crystal therapy, laser treatment, and much more. The best and most successful beauty technicians have completed training in a wide variety of treatments.

Why choose us?

  1. Course content. We work with local businesses to make sure that we're teaching the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for. Many of our lecturers are from the beauty industry and will be able to give you expert help and support to help you succeed in your chosen aspect of beauty.
  2. Reputation. We're Ofsted outstanding and one of the top colleges in the country, which means you can expect exceptional teaching and support to help you succeed.
  3. Success rates. Many of our students go on to open their own beauty businesses and work in the industry. Others use their beauty skills as a second income, performing treatments on friends, colleagues and members of the public.
  4. Our facilities. Weston College's Hair and Beauty Centre is a dynamic and vibrant part of the College. It is one of the largest commercial salons in the region, with three large hairdressing studios and two beauty salons. They're all open to the public, so by coming to us you'll get to experience working with a wide range of people with different expectations and requirements. Find out more about our campuses here.
  5. Our links with employers. As a beauty therapy or hairdressing student at Weston College, you will benefit from our links with local employers across the Bristol area, and we will offer you educational trips, visits to professional exhibitions and work placements in some of the most popular salons in the region. You will also get to meet industry professionals such as Lee Staffordand Jennifer Lenard, and be able to showcase your talents by taking part in hair and beauty competitions.

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Career opportunities

A qualification in Beauty and Complementary Therapies could lead to a number of successful careers in the sector. 

The beauty sector is a growing industry in the UK, where it is the 8th most popular independent start-up business.

There are over 13,000 beauty salons in the country, and the majority of hairdressing salons offer some form of beauty treatments.

Approximately 20% of hair and beauty salons in the Bristol area have vacancies - making now the perfect time to enter into the industry.

The range of careers in the beauty industry is only limited by your ambitions! Our former students have gone on to open their own salons, work for large beauty companies both nationally and internationally, work in the sports industry as massage therapists, and work within the complementary therapies industry to deliver treatments in conjunction with medical practices.

What could you earn?

Salaries in the beauty industry often vary depending on a number of factors including skill level, number of hours worked per week, and whether you work as part of a large organisation or through self-employment.

Some suggested annual salary ranges for those working in the industry include:

  • Beauty therapist - starting at £12,000, the average beauty therapy salary is £20,536
  • Reflexologist - £25 to £70 per hour
  • Aromatherapist - £25 to £45 per hour
  • Massage therapist - £25 to £60 per hour  


  • 8% of people working in the beauty industry are male, a figure that has risen over the last decade
  • Hair and beauty apprenticeships are the 10th most popular apprenticeships in the UK
  • 58% of beauty therapists are self-employed.

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Once we have responded to your initial enquiry we would love to keep you informed of other, similar courses you may be interested in via email.

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