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Engineering Apprentice Heather Awarded Scholarship


Last year Weston College and University Centre Weston (UCW) launched a new scholarship, for Engineering learners, in partnership with the Luke Wheaton Trust, which honours the memory of former learner Luke Wheaton, one of Weston College’s most inspiring apprentices working with Wessex Water. 

The scholarship, which is available for one student, per year, is open to any apprentice studying on a Level 2, 3, 4 or 6 Engineering apprenticeship at Weston College. 

Each scholarship is worth £4,000, with students receiving £1,000 per year for up to four years. The scholarship is renewable annually, subject to progress being made as agreed in partnership between the College and the apprentice’s employer. 

This year, Weston College and UCW announced that Heather, an apprentice with the Ministry of Defence, would be the recipient of the scholarship. 

Heather’s achievement marks not only her commitment to academic excellence but also her passion for expanding her horizons within the field. 

We caught up with Heather, to hear her thoughts on the scholarship, her experiences at UCW, and her aspirations for the future. 

When asked about the benefits she hopes to gain from the scholarship, Heather expressed her excitement about exploring various activities related to marine engineering. She plans to undertake a diving course and weld coding, recognising their significance in marine maintenance, investigation, and salvage operations. 

Heather credits UCW for fostering her growth both academically and personally. The university provided a supportive environment for her to acclimate to student life away from home and encouraged collaborative learning among apprentices. Utilising tools like Blackboard to organise her coursework, Heather found the practical labs and workshops to be particularly engaging, allowing her to expand her theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. 

Regarding the support from lecturers, Heather highlighted the invaluable assistance she received from workshop technicians in her first year. As she progresses into her second year, Heather has found her lecturers to be supportive and helpful, further enhancing her learning experience at UCW. 

Heather commended UCW’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, which have greatly facilitated her studies. From well-resourced workshop facilities for machining, welding, and CNC to comprehensive laboratory setups, UCW’s resources have enriched Heather’s understanding of theoretical concepts and practical applications. 

Looking ahead, Heather expressed her anticipation for future modules, particularly highlighting her enjoyment of thermodynamics thus far. She looks forward to delving deeper into her studies and completing performance packs for her NVQ4, which validate the practical aspects of her apprenticeship, including problem-solving and quality assurance. 

As for her ambitions, Heather remains steadfast in her goal to pursue a career in marine engineering, acknowledging its diverse nature and the myriad opportunities it presents. While the specifics of her future role are yet to be determined, Heather’s unwavering dedication and enthusiasm ensure a promising journey ahead. 

Heather’s journey exemplifies the spirit of excellence and determination fostered at UCW, and her receipt of the scholarship serves as a testament to her dedication to the field of marine engineering. As she continues to embark on her academic and professional endeavours, Heather stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring engineers everywhere. 

Well done Heather! 

You can find out about engineering at Weston College by clicking here, and find out about apprenticeships by clicking here.


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