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Here at Weston College, we want to ensure that our students are completely ready to progress onto higher levels – both in terms of having the knowledge and skills, but also having the confidence and self-belief that they can succeed when progressing. Therefore, the Progression programmes we offer are the ideal way to give a little extra support, in a variety of modules.

As well as providing extra support, the Progression programme is also designed to allow learners to have a preview of the course before dedicating themselves to the full T Level course. Maria said: “after doing my GCSEs, I had 2 options: either I wanted to go into a job involving computers or become a beautician. I know they are completely different industries, but I couldn’t decide which one to choose”. After applying for both and having interviews, Maria decided to start on the Digital T Level progression journey.

Since starting the full T Level course, Maria has had the opportunity to work with a local company as part of the industry placement on the T Level course. With this involving learning new skills such as PHP programming and website design. Within the course, Maria was able to learn areas such as “programming, web development, cyber security and emerging technology and also take part in an employer set project. In my programming lessons I’m learning python library’s NumPy, Pandas, Tkinter.”

Megan, another learner who has transitioned onto the Digital T Level from the Computing Transition Programme, said that she was “incredibly excited to be progressing to study a T Level course." She continued, "I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year of my T level program course, and the opportunities and skills which I have developed in the programme. The course has really reinforced my passion for working in data analysis. Before this course I was not sure what sector I wanted to work in. I'm looking forward to my next steps where I will be studying a T Level in Digital, Production, Design and Development where I can improve my knowledge within computing subjects.”

We are so proud that Weston College has been one of the first providers in the country to offer both the T Level and Transition programmes, and that they’ve both already seen such success in the learner’s journey towards their respective industries, particularly the computing industry in Maria and Megan’s case.

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