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Welfare and Pastoral Support Services

We're here to help you create a brighter future by supporting you to manage, develop emotionally and confidently within a nurturing environment...

At Weston College, we aim to provide you with as much support as possible to ensure you make the most of your studies and fulfil your potential.

Whether you're seeking help with your emotional wellbeing, health care worries, College concerns or just need someone to listen, the Welfare and Pastoral team are here for you. 

Please use the pages in this section to ensure you find the support you require.


Knightstone Campus - Mandy Lee, Welfare and Pastoral Support Manager
Knightstone Campus - Danielle Lewis, Welfare and Retention Officer
Knightstone Campus - Emma Downward, Welfare and Retention Officer
Loxton Campus - Vicky Nelson, Welfare and Retention Officer
South West Skills Campus - Heidi Milner, Welfare and Retention Officer


We provide confidential non-judgemental support to all students during their time with us at Weston College.

If you are unhappy or worried, there is always someone who will listen, offer support, advice and guidance. You can come and talk to us about a whole range of issues including:

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Substance misuse
  • Homelessness
  • Course / college concerns
  • Finance
  • Relationships.

We are here to listen and help. 

Each campus has a Welfare and Retention Officer available daily throughout the term and on a drop-in or bookable basis. Apprentices / Work-based learners can also contact Mandy Lee all year round. You can also contact us via email.

Children Looked After (CLA)

We offer sensitive, confidential support and practical advice whilst having an understanding of your particular situation and needs. If there is anything that you feel is a barrier to your learning or you have any concerns, then please come and speak to us.

Academic support is available through your personal tutor and Library Plus. We can also signpost, and work with you, to access external agencies if needed.

Every six months, as a minimum, you will have your Personal Education Plan review, which will give you the opportunity to discuss anything you're unsure about or ask for some additional support. This can range from financial queries to home life. You will also be given educational targets set by your tutor and social worker to help you achieve.

If there is anything that you feel is a barrier to your learning or you have any concerns, then please come and speak to your Welfare and Retention Officer.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your time here at Weston College.

Healthcare Support

The Health Care Assistants offer confidential support and guidance on the following:

  • Medical healthcare plans
  • First aid
  • Sexual health advice
  • Support to stop smoking
  • Healthy eating
  • Substance misuse advice
  • Weight concerns.

Contact details

Knightstone Campus - Luci Gibson - 01934 411 535 / 07976 770377

Loxton Campus - Charlotte Shelton - 01934 411 640​ / 07976 770505

South West Skills Campus - Katy Fox - 01934 411 658 / 07976 768098

Weston College also offers a range of support for people with mental health difficulties...

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Counselling is not about being given advice, it is about being given time and space to help you come to your own decisions.

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk about personal issues in a private and relaxed setting with someone who plays no other role in your College life.

Counselling can help you with:

  • Relationship difficulties anxiety and stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss
  • Addictions
  • Decision-making and moving on.

The lead manager for counselling is Natasha Maher.

Where are we?

  • We have a room in Student Services on the ground floor of the Knightstone Campus.
  • We also use room C03 in the reception area of the Loxton Campus.
  • At South West Skills Campus, we have a room in Student Services.


Counselling sessions are confidential, which means without your permission, nothing is passed on to friends, family or members of staff.

There are, however, some circumstances in which confidentiality cannot be kept. We can talk these through with you when you come.

Appointments can be booked through the Welfare and Retention Officer at your campus, or by calling 01934 411 541.

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