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This National Numeracy Day at Weston College we are continuing our commitment to empowering adult learners and employers across the UK with essential numeracy skills!

National Numeracy Day serves as a reminder of the importance of numerical proficiency in everyday life and career progression. Multiply courses, funded by the government and delivered by local communities, offer a unique learning opportunity for adults aged 19 or over to build their numeracy skills. 

From basic maths taught through fun classes like cooking, gardening and woodwork to more advanced classes, the courses are designed to meet diverse needs and empower learners to navigate numerical challenges confidently. For employers, investing in the numeracy skills of their workforce is key to driving business growth and enhancing productivity. 

From basic numeracy training to advanced financial literacy, the courses are designed to align with business objectives and foster a culture of continuous learning. On National Numeracy Day, adults across the UK are encouraged to invest in their numeracy skills, while employers are urged to prioritise the development of their workforce’s maths competencies. 

By getting involved in the Multiply programme, individuals and businesses alike can unlock new potential and confidence!

“Being dyslexic, I always struggled with numbers. Luckily, the Multiply course allowed me to learn essential maths skills through fun classes. For instance I enrolled on a Multiply cooking course where I created new recipes and using maths to weigh out the correct ingredient measurements. Similarly, the joinery course taught me practical maths skills too, and I'm finding that my dyslexic challenges around numbers aren't as daunting anymore. I'm now adding numbers quicker and feeling more confident.”

Find out more about the Multiply Courses we have on offer below:

Cost Of Living And IT Skills

If the Cost-of-Living crisis in the UK is encouraging you to upskill, this course will give you skills in maths and IT required for all types of real-life scenarios. Find out more here - Cost of Living and IT Skills - Multiply 

Multiply ESOL

If you are currently learning English as a second or other language, this course will help you to further build your knowledge by improving your maths skills. Find out more here - ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) - Multiply.


Person using laptop with graphic AI on top of it.

Artificial intelligence has many weird and wonderful functions within our society and in workforces, making many jobs easier and revolutionising the way we work.

With the continual growth of AI, many professions hinge on uniquely human traits such as creativity, empathy, ethical judgment, and complex problem-solving.

We thought we would delve deeper into the careers which won’t be replaced by AI, and how you can start your journey into these careers with Weston College.

Creative arts:

While AI can generate music, write articles, and create visual art, it lacks the human touch that infuses these creations with genuine emotion and originality.

Human artists draw upon personal experiences, cultural contexts, and emotional depths that AI simply cannot replicate.

Creative works are often valued not just for their technical quality but for their ability to stir up emotions and provoke thought – something that requires a deeply human perspective.

We offer many courses which can get either get you started in the industry, or allow you to progress your career with new skills, whether that be through our courses for16–19-year-olds, or for adults.

Some of the available courses that we offer, include: Art, Design, Graphics and Fashion | Weston College | Creative and Digital Media | Weston College and Performing and Production Arts | Weston College. 


Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge but also about inspiring, mentoring, and engaging students.

While AI can offer personalised learning experiences, the role of a teacher as a motivator and guide remains crucial.

Educators adapt to the diverse needs of their students, foster critical thinking, and create a supportive learning environment—elements that go beyond AI’s capabilities.

At Weston College, we can support you in starting a career in education through our Early Years Course: Education and Early Years | Weston College.

Social workers:

Social workers play a vital role in supporting individuals and communities through challenging circumstances.

Their work involves advocacy, crisis intervention, and providing emotional support, all of which require a high degree of empathy, ethical judgment, and interpersonal skills.

While AI can assist with data management and administrative tasks, the core of social work relies on human connection and compassion.

We offer several routes into this profession, some of our courses which are currently available include: Health and Social Care | Weston College, Adult Care Worker, Apprenticeship | Weston College Healthcare Support Worker, Senior Healthcare Support Worker, Apprenticeship | Weston College, or NHS Health & Care Somerset SWAP | Weston College. 

Mental health professionals:

The field of mental health requires a profound understanding of human emotions, behaviour, and relationships.

AI can provide tools for therapy, such as chatbots for basic mental health support, but it cannot replicate the deep empathy and human connection provided by psychologists and counsellors.

The therapeutic relationship, built on trust and understanding, is fundamental to effective mental health care and cannot be fully replaced by machines.

To kickstart a career in mental health, Weston College offer level 3 Counselling | Weston College and level 1 Introduction to Counselling | Weston College.

Environment, agriculture, and conservation:

While AI can greatly enhance efficiency and provide valuable data-driven insights in the fields of environment, agriculture, and conservation, it cannot replace the essential human elements required in these careers.

The complex problem-solving, ethical judgment, interpersonal skills, hands-on experience, creativity, and long-term vision that humans bring to these roles are irreplaceable.

Start your career with our Animal Management | Weston College course, or apply to our UCW Animal Conservation, Behaviour and Welfare, BSc (Hons) - University Centre Weston (, and Animal, Environment and Biological Studies - University Centre Weston ( courses.

Shaq Taylor on stage as Hamilton in the musical

Weston College Creative Arts Careers Excellence Hub (CEH) and the Bristol Hippodrome, renowned ATG Entertainment Venue, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership to nurture the next generation of creative talent. This innovative collaboration marks an important moment for our students in the arts education landscape, offering opportunities for our aspiring performers and creatives. 

The first initiative of this partnership saw Weston College students embarking on a visit to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the celebrated EduHam/Hamilton Education Performance, where students watched the full show, got to view a full demonstration of roles from numerous departments including cast, musicians, stage management and technical teams as well as a Q+A. 

The College’s Performing Arts team was amazed at how immersive and useful this first experience was for our students and are excited about all the other opportunities that are on the horizon due to this partnership with the Hippodrome, these will include:


  • Access to theatre careers: our students will benefit from access to theatre careers guidance, along with robust support to explore and seize diverse placement opportunities. 
  • Guest lectures: renowned industry professionals will impart invaluable knowledge and insights through engaging guest lectures, enriching the learning experience of our students. 
  • Hippodrome visits: all students across Weston College will have the privilege of visiting the Hippodrome, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of theatre and gaining firsthand exposure to its inner workings. 
  • Collaboration with touring companies: students will have exclusive opportunities to collaborate with touring companies, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents on a larger stage. 
  • Access to touring shows and workshops: our students will have access to a myriad of touring shows and immersive workshops, allowing them to delve deeper into the craft and hone their skills under expert guidance. 
  • Community engagement: the partnership extends beyond the confines of the College, with visits and interactions at key community events aimed at inspiring and inclusively involving the wider community in the creative process. 


Jade Hicks, Creative Arts Dean of Faculty, commented: 

“The ability to watch professional shows has significant benefit to all of our students, for us, it opened doors to the Creative Industries sector and the versatility of job roles needed on such a production. The afternoon was invaluable, re-igniting our love for the arts and providing a welcome break as learners go through their final assessment period.” 

This collaboration between Weston College Creative Arts Careers Excellence Hub and the Hippodrome underscores a shared commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and excellence in the arts. Through a cooperative blend of education, industry partnerships, and community engagement, this partnership is poised to support the landscape of arts education and embed workplace skills that will empower aspiring creatives to realise their full potential and shape the future of the creative industries. 

Interested in our Performing and Production Arts courses? Click here.

Image - Shaq Taylor as Hamilton and Company credit Danny Kaan


If you are passionate about education and are looking for an opportunity to join the staff team at a leading college, then look at the latest job vacancies available at Weston College here. You can find all the latest job opportunities that Weston College has to offer, with a commitment to providing quality education for learners and a focus on continuous professional development for staff, Weston College is an excellent place to work and grow in your career.

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