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Student sat in Loxton Library

This month (April 2024) we opened our newly refurbished library at Loxton Campus, marking a significant enhancement aimed at enriching the learning environment for our students.

The ambitious redesign was driven by feedback gathered from a series of student surveys and numerous discussions involving both students and faculties based at Loxton Campus.

Loxton Library Opening - book cases


This collaborative effort ensured that the refurbishment was not only about aesthetic upgrades but also about making the library more beneficial to the educational needs and comfort of its learners.

Claire Moore, Head of Learning Centres at Weston College, said: “Understanding what our students and staff wanted from our library was crucial. Feedback was an essential part of this project, allowing us to tailor the space to better suit their academic and personal growth.”

Students on laptops and computers at Loxton Library


The redesigned space now boasts increased study areas, modernised resources, and technology-equipped zones designed to support both individual and group learning.

Claire added: “Libraries are an important part of the student journey at Weston College, and we are really excited to be providing this new facility for our learners.”

Shared learning pods in the library


The reopening of the Loxton Campus library is a testament to Weston College's commitment to providing top-tier educational facilities that help students reach their potential.

The feedback from learners has been overwhelmingly positive too, Marvellous who is an A Level student, commented: “It is a really pretty space, and there is a lot of space for group study which is great!” Sirona, an Art and Design student, added: “The area has been improved and suits different study styles. There are great options for studying independently and also as a group.”

This significant investment in campus infrastructure underscores the college’s dedication to creating an environment where learners can succeed and flourish. 


Check out our upgraded Loxton Campus library! 🤩

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If you are passionate about education and are looking for an opportunity to join the staff team at a leading college, then look at the latest job vacancies available at Weston College here. You can find all the latest job opportunities that Weston College has to offer, with a commitment to providing quality education for learners and a focus on continuous professional development for staff, Weston College is an excellent place to work and grow in your career.

an apprentice smiling while sitting at a desk looking away from her laptop

Embarking on an apprenticeship journey can be both exciting and daunting. With countless questions swirling in your mind, guidance from our professionals can make all the difference. That's why we sat down with Sharna, a member of our excellent Apprenticeship Team, to glean some expert insights into the world of apprenticeships. 


1. How can I find apprenticeship vacancies?

We have a wide range of apprenticeship vacancies, all available on our website here, and the Find an Apprenticeship service, through the government website. 


2. When can I apply for an apprenticeship, and do I apply for a vacancy or an apprenticeship role

You can apply for an apprenticeship when you find a suitable position, however, please be mindful of the start date as if you are currently at school/college, you will need to find an apprenticeship that starts after you have finished. You will apply for the qualification and the job role at the same time, this will all be stated in the vacancy when you apply. 


3. What qualifications or skills do employers generally look for in apprenticeship candidates? 

Employers are looking for you to have strong communication Skills, adaptability and flexibility, problem-solving skills, teamwork and collaboration and good time management. Employers generally look for you to have a 4/C grade or above in maths and English, when applying for apprenticeship positions, depending on the apprenticeship you are applying for, you may be required to have other qualifications. Grade requirements are stated on the apprenticeship vacancy when you apply.  


4. How do I write the most effective CV – can I access any support? 

The Apprenticeship Team can offer CV support to ensure it’s up to the best standard for when you apply for apprenticeships. Your CV should be tailored to the apprenticeship that you’re applying for, you should keep it to one to two pages, add your qualifications and work experience, use clear and consistent section headings, pick a professional font, and choose a suitable font size.  


5. What strategies can I use to stand out during the application process, whether that be in my CV, in interviews or assessment centres? 

Do your research, show your creativity, start by doing the job already and try and get some work experience, don’t underestimate transferable skills! 


6. What steps can I take to prepare for interviews or apprenticeship assessments? 

  • Research the apprenticeship and the organisation.  
  • Practice by doing a mock interview.  
  • Check where and when the interview is.  
  • Get to the interview early.  
  • Dress appropriately and stay focused.  
  • Ask questions if you don't understand. 


7. How important is networking in securing an apprenticeship, and what are some effective networking strategies? 

Networking is important to find out valuable information, job opportunities that are available and access careers advice. Attending as many events as you can such as, college open days, job fairs and careers days will give you a better chance of finding an apprenticeship. 


8. What support do you offer to apprenticeship candidates? 

We offer 1 to 1 IAG (information, advice and guidance, CV support, interview and assessment centre tips, application support and general apprenticeship advice. You can contact us on 01934 411 594,, to access this. 


9. Is there anything else you would like to add? 

  • Perseverance is key – don’t give up!  
  • The average person will interview for x3 apprenticeships before finding the right one  
  • Learn from rejection – ask for feedback – how did you do?  
  • Set yourself some achievement goals  
  • Be flexible – your starting point may lead you to your dream job 


Embarking on an apprenticeship journey is not merely about securing a job; it's about unlocking a world of opportunities for growth and development. With the right guidance and mindset, the path to your dream career becomes clearer than ever. 


If you’d like to see more about our apprenticeship opportunities, click here

knightstone campus in weston-super-mare

This week the Governing Body of Weston College, announced Pat Jones as their new College Principal, to start in July 2024.

Pat is currently the Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of Finance at the Bedford College Group, with a wealth of curriculum and further and higher educational experience.

pat jones

On hearing of her successful appointment Pat (pictured above) said, "I am delighted to be joining Weston College as their new principal and CEO at this exciting time. 

"Weston have achieved so much, and I look forward to leading the dedicated and talented team, building upon the many successes."

Andrew Leighton-Price Chair of Governors said "Pat has held a distinguished career in education of over 20 years, and is an innovative National Leader of Further Education (NFLE).

"More importantly she has the inclusive learning ethos that we champion so strongly here at Weston, with experience of working across all our learner groups.

"Combining this with her impressive financial acumen as a global management accountant, and strong background in community and employer partnerships, made Pat a very obvious choice, in what was already a strong field of candidates, from a diverse range of backgrounds.

"As a Board of Governors, we extend a very warm welcome for her to join us, and we are confident that Pat’s leadership can deliver the next chapter of growth, innovation and success for the College, in order to continue to create even brighter futures for our learners."

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