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We work with local legal businesses to create successful and effective law courses that teach you the skills an qualities that employers are looking for. You’ll also benefit from the facilities in our newly opened Law and Professional Services Academy.

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Occupations related to Law


Social or humanities scientist

Social and humanities scientists study and analyse human behaviour and the origin, structure and characteristics of language; undertake research in areas such as sociology, economics, politics, archaeology, history, philosophy, literature, the arts; organise the collection of qualitative and quantitative information, and perform subsequent analyses.

Average annual earnings: £29,894
Employment in region: 294 positions

Barrister or judge

Job holders in this unit group prepare and conduct court cases on behalf of clients, preside over judicial proceedings, and pronounce judgements within a variety of court settings and tribunals.

Average annual earnings: £32,507
Employment in region: 369 positions


Solicitors advise and act on behalf of individuals, organisations, businesses and government departments in legal matters.

Average annual earnings: £43,953
Employment in region: 3,578 positions
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