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Starting an adult course at Weston College will help you gain the skills and qualifications you need to reach your potential.

Whether you want to add to your CV or change career entirely, gain the qualifications you need to apply for university, or just develop your personal interests, our flexible part-time courses could be the factor that puts you ahead of the competition.

It doesn't matter how long it has been since you left education, at Weston College over half of our current students are adults - which means you'll be studying alongside like-minded people in our award winning learning environment. Many of our lecturers are industry professionals and will offer you exclusive help and guidance about entering into your chosen career path.

It's cheaper than you think - and you might not even have to pay. Many of our students don't have to pay for their adult courses at Weston College. For others, there are discounts that could apply. Many of our adult courses can be paid for by the new 19+ Advanced Learner Loan - which means you won't pay a penny back until you're earning over £21,000 per year. If your aim is going to university, you can take our Access to Higher Education course and your fees will be cancelled if you go on to complete a degree-level course. We offer over 40 degree courses through University Centre Weston and can give our Access students priority when they apply to study.

We also offer free advice and guidance to find a suitable course for your interests, so it doesn't matter if you are sure or unsure about the path you want to take - at Weston College we'll help you find the most appropriate route for you.

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What next?

Weston College’s courses are designed with your next step in mind.

We have clearly defined progression routes for students, whether you have a specific career in mind or aim to move on to a university-level course.

If you’ve recently returned to education but would eventually like to study at university level, our Access to Higher Education course will provide the perfect progression route.

The Access to HE Diploma allows you to progress to university or study for a degree if you don’t already have the necessary qualifications. We offer a fantastic choice of 33 degrees with our partner universities, Bath Spa University and the University of the West of England.

If you have a clear view of the career you want to pursue, our vocational qualifications offer a variety of levels to enable students to progress in their chosen area.

Advanced Learner Loan - one of the best-value ways of paying for your adult course...

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Why choose us for adult courses?

At Weston College we have an enormous selection of courses and pathways to help you achieve your goals.

Our successful courses for adults have been used by thousands of people to help them progress in their careers, get to university, or just learn new skills.

This is why we think Weston College is the best choice for adults who want to learn...

Most of our learners are adults

This means you’ll be studying alongside likeminded people in a professional environment. We understand the needs of adult learners and offer support and guidance to enable you to re-enter education.

Our courses are built around you

We aim to fit our courses around your schedule so you don’t have to rearrange your commitments. Throughout your time at Weston College, we will listen to your needs and do everything we possibly can to help you reach your goals.

Our course content

We offer a huge range of courses to ensure you develop the skills employers and universities are looking for. Many of our lecturers have years of industry experience that they are waiting to share with you.

Our reputation

We’re the top-performing college in the South West, and one of the most successful in the country. This means you can expect an exceptional level of teaching and support to help you succeed.

Our success rates

Our results are consistently above the national benchmarks, which means that if you study with us you’ll be more likely to earn the qualifications you need to achieve your goals.

Our facilities

At Weston College, you’ll benefit from our outstanding learning environment. You’ll study in state-of-the-art teaching spaces at one of our award-winning campuses. Click here to find out more.

Our links with employers

We work with over 2,500 businesses, which means we understand and recognise their needs when it comes to the skills and qualifications that we teach.

Our progression opportunities

More than 85% of students completing courses at Weston College progress on to employment, university or further training. We teach right up to degree-level through University Centre Weston, and can offer you high-quality apprenticeships in your sector of choice.

Our study support and advice

At each campus, our LibraryPlus learning mentors are available to help you with your studies, whether you need help getting back into education or maximising your potential. They’ll also help you get to speed with our new learning technologies.

How do I enrol?

The fastest and easiest way to enrol is online, and you can secure your place on a Weston College course in minutes.

Enrolling is the only way to guarantee your place on any of our courses, and it's better to enrol as soon as you can as our courses tend to fill up quickly.

When you enrol on a course with us, think of it more like reserving a place. You can always change your mind at a later date.

Alternatively, you can enrol in person, by post or over the telephone. You can find our enrolment form in the rear of our Adult Course Guide.


Applying online is quick and easy. All you have to do is find the course that you're interested in and click "Apply Now". You'll be asked to fill in a simple form and then submit.

If the course you're applying for has started, you can leave your details and we'll contact you the next time it runs.


In person

If you would like to enrol in person or need assistance completing the enrolment form, visit our Knightstone Campus at Knightstone Road in Weston-super-Mare where our staff will be pleased to help you.

Enrolment hours are between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am and 4.30pm on Fridays, all year round.

If the course you want to enrol on requires an interview it will need to be arranged before you can enrol. It is not necessary to complete the enrolment form before you visit us, we can do this with you. You will need to have your course details, payment method, and if applicable, up-to-date proof of benefits.

By post

If your course does not require an interview, you can enrol by post. Complete the enrolment form, enter your credit/debit card details or make a cheque payable to Weston College. If applicable please send in up-to-date proof of benefits (dated within the last three months – these will not be returned so please send photocopies).

Send your completed form, along with any necessary enclosures to:

College Information Services, Weston College, Knightstone Campus, Knightstone Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 2AL.

By telephone

If your course does not require an interview or you do not qualify for a fee discount, you can enrol by calling 01934 411481 and have your course and payment details ready. We will confirm your place by sending you two copies of your Enrolment and Learning Agreement. One that you should sign and return to us and one that you should bring along to your first class/lesson.

If you’re not sure about any aspects of applying for a course please come along to the College and have a chat with a member of our Course Enquiries team, or call them on 01934 411481.

Offers on adult courses

Loyalty Bonus

If you successfully completed a Weston College course in 2016/17 academic year, and then enrol on another course for 2017/18 academic year, you will receive a 10% discount on tuition fees. 

Applicants will not qualify if they are already eligible for discounted fees. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The progressing student discount will only apply to a completed enrolment, following a successful interview if applicable. Applicants cannot change their programme after enrolment and still receive the discount. See the financial information on page 9 of our Adult Course Guide for details of ways to make your course costs more affordable. The Loyalty Bonus does not apply to recipients of the Advanced Learner Loan.

Early Bird Discount

Enrol on a Weston College course before the 31st July 2017 and you could qualify for a 10% discount from your tuition fee. 

Applicants must enrol, with all supporting documentation, by 31st July 2017. Applicants will not qualify if they are already eligible for discounted fees. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This discount only applies to a completed enrolment, including full payment, following a successful interview (if applicable). Applicants cannot change their programme after the 31st July 2017 and still receive the Early Bird Discount. It does not apply to recipients of the Advanced Learner Loan. 


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