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A Levels are perfect for students who want to progress onto undergraduate degree-level study. 

They are most suited for those who perform well in exams and who learn better in a classroom environment. 

A Levels give you the option of choosing a variety of subjects that interest you. You will be able to study three or, in some cases, four subjects before deciding which one you would like to pursue at university or as a career. You can even study A Levels alongside some BTEC subjects.

The Sixth Form at Weston College offers a new experience and the opportunity to focus on the subjects you find most interesting. We offer unique pathways which means you can study other subjects alongside your core programmes to support your learning in those areas. These include bio-medical, creative enterprise, core maths, debating and current affairs, extended project qualification, GCSE booster classes and sports excellence.

Studying at Weston College means you'll be learning in an environment unlike your local school...

If choose to study at the Sixth Form at Weston College, you'll mix with people your own age and with similar interests in a setting that is designed to feel more like a university.

Weston College can also offer you a wider range of A Levels than your local school, with over 30 subjects to choose from - all taught by expert teachers at our lively and vibrant Loxton Campus.

Sixth form students at Weston College collect their outstanding A Level results!

Our A Level provision is tailored to help you gain the qualifications and skills that will put you ahead of the competition when applying for university, jobs, or further study.

Our dedicated teaching team will provide you with a greater knowledge of your chosen subject area, and give you an idea about the kind of career you want to enter or degree you want to study, while also teaching you valuable skills such as analysis, writing, research and practical skills.

This is why we're your best choice for A Levels...

Choice of courses. We can offer more variety when it comes to subjects and qualification types than you'll find at your local sixth form. Whether you are clear about the path you want to take or not, we can advise and support you to find the course that's right for you. You can use the drop down menu at the top of this page to view the A Levels we offer.​

Academic achievements. The pass rates at Weston College are consistently outstanding. Last year, we maintained a 99% A Level pass rate.

College life. Getting the exam results you need is the most crucial part of A Levels, but being a Weston College student isn't all about work - it's about helping you develop personal skills and experiences that put you in the best place to progress into your chosen career or university placement. Because Weston College is a lot bigger than your local sixth form, you'll meet a variety of like-minded people, make lots of new friends, and make connections that could potentially open doors to your future prosperity.

State-of-the-art resources. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible educational environment, and that means providing fantastic facilities in which our students can thrive. The Sixth Form has bespoke, dedicated facilities, and students can benefit from all of the other resources available to Weston College students.​ Click here to find out more about our facilities.

Talented teachers. Our teachers are some of the best in the country, and many come from industry backgrounds and are able to share with you the skills and insider knowledge you need to succeed. Unlike at school, at Weston College you'll be treated like an adult - there's no need to call your teachers 'Sir' or 'Miss', at Weston College you can use their first names!

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What is an A Level?

A Levels are a type of academic qualification which ideally suit people who learn best in a classroom environment and want to progress onto undergraduate study.

They give you the option of choosing to study a variety of subjects that interest you, which will help you decide the type of degree to move on to, and ultimately the kind of career you want to embark upon.

You will get to choose three or in some cases four subjects from our list of 28 A Levels and BTECs, as well as one of our bespoke pathways which work alongside your courses in order to help develop the skills you'll need to progress into further study, university or employment.

You can find out more about our A Level pathways below.

A Level students sitting with their tutor at Weston College

A Level Pathways

Our A Level pathways are designed to work alongside your A Level course to provide you with opportunities to develop the skills that will help you progress to university, an apprenticeship, or into employment.


This pathway is for anyone looking to enter a health profession. You’ll receive further tuition on all aspects of bio-medical science, attend talks from health professionals and gain a better understanding of career options in the world of healthcare.

Ideal if you aim to become a doctor, dentist, midwife, nurse or vet.

GCSE English or maths re-sit class

These courses are ideal if you want to progress to a pathway but haven’t achieved the required grade 4 (or above) in GCSE Maths and English.

If you intend on applying to university, it is recommended that you look to boost your GCSE English grade by resitting the exam. This is because some universities require a grade 5 for entry.

Core maths

This pathway bridges the gap between GCSE and A Level maths, providing you with extra UCAS points. It’s ideal if you like maths but don’t necessarily want to do a full maths A Level. You’ll also get the opportunity to attend an annual conference to network with employers and universities representatives.

Ideal if you want extra maths qualifications and to learn how maths benefits society.

Debating/Current Affairs

This pathway provides an opportunity to learn how to debate current affairs and wider social and political issues more effectively. It offers a qualification that can be used to support your employment opportunities or UCAS application.

Ideal if you want to get involved in public affairs and public speaking, or if you have ambitions to become a politician or journalist.

Extended project qualification

This pathway is ideal if you are looking for a challenge. It includes a six to eight-week taught element and project work. It will enhance your CV or university application, and enable you to earn extra UCAS points.


This pathway takes you on a creative journey, providing you with the skills to develop an enterprising nature in your creative studies. You will work on art projects and with local galleries to raise the profile of the Sixth Form and to build your reputation as a creative practitioner.

Ideal for those wanting to explore commercial activities within the creative industries.

Sports excellence

This pathway provides the opportunity to join sports activities on potentially 3 days a week. This can be used to develop sporting skills and join the Weston College academies.

You’ll be given the opportunity to meet people from sporting and medical professions, and you’ll attend sport-related events to enhance your learning and development. Weston College Sports Excellence students are automatically members of the Sports Academy.

Ideal for those wanting to continue their sports and excel in their chosen areas.

Study skills

This pathway is for students who wish to have academic support on their written or practical work that can be used to support all studies across the sixth form

How to apply

Applying to study A Levels at Weston College is easy! You can apply online by using this website or fill out the application form in the back of our latest prospectus...

To apply online, use the dropdown menu at the top of this page to find the course that you're interested in. Click 'apply now' to add the course to a 'course shortlist', which will allow you to add multiple A Levels before applying.

Now is the best time to apply to ensure your place for next September!

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Once we have responded to your initial enquiry we would love to keep you informed of other, similar courses you may be interested in via email.

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