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Studying A Levels at Weston College

A Levels are most suited for those who perform well in exams and who learn better in a classroom environment.

A Levels give you the option of choosing a variety of subjects that interest you. You will be able to study three or, in some cases, four subjects before deciding which one you would like to pursue at university or as a career. You can even study A Levels alongside some BTEC subjects.

The Sixth Form at Weston College offers a new experience and the opportunity to focus on the subjects you find most interesting with a bespoke campus and facilities, it is designed to feel more like a university, preparing you for future study.

The Sixth Form also offers unique pathways which means you can study other subjects alongside your core programmes to support your learning in those areas. These include bio-medical, creative enterprise, core maths, debating and current affairs, extended project qualification, GCSE booster classes and sports excellence.


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The Sixth Form at Weston College offers study pathways for learners alongside their A levels. Pathways provide learners with opportunities to develop different skills and share experiences to enhance their progression onto either higher education or employment. Learners can opt for a particular pathway, but the decision to study 3 or 4 A levels and/or plus a pathway will be based on GCSE scores, career goals and previous experiences. In year one a pathway is compulsory.

The pathways are completed during the first year of the two year Sixth Form study programme.

  • Provides further tuition on aspects of bio-medical science
  • Gives opportunities to develop skills in bio-medical science
  • Visits from health professionals and practitioners
  • Prepares learners for employment in the health profession
Core maths
  • Bridges the gap between GCSE and A level maths; especially helpful for learners who want to continue with maths, but not at A level
  • Provides grades and UCAS points
  • Work towards producing art work, working closely with local galleries to raise the profile of the Sixth Form and yourself as a creative practitioner
  • Ideal for those wanting to explore commercial activities within the creative industries
Debating/ current affairs qualification
  • Opportunity to learn how to debate and argue current affairs and wider social and political issues more effectively
  • It offers a qualification that can be used to support your employment opportunities or UCAS application
  • Ideal for those who want to be more involved in public affairs and speaking as well as those who have ambitions to be local or national politicians or journalists
Extended project qualification
  • Requires a taught element (around 40 hours) and around 80 hours independent project work
  • Outcomes may be dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact
  • Provides grades and UCAS points
Sport academy pathway
  • Sports training and activities
  • Guest speakers from sport and medicine
  • Event attendance
Study skills
  • You will be able to spend time with a tutor discussing and supporting your written work from your studies
  • It can also be used to support presentations and coursework


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What Our Students Say

Naomi Race, A Level - Psychology, sociology and English

Naomi Race

“The college has opened up a load of new experiences and enabled me to try new things”

Former school: Broadoak

A Levels: Psychology, sociology and English

What next? Naomi achieved three As and will progress to study English and sociology at Leeds University.

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